I am Sara B. - unapologetic stone hoarder, casual collector of curiosities, and modern jewelry maven. Growing up near the shores of The Great Lakes, I graciously formed a love of the beach stones and fossils the lake had to offer; always stashing rocks and itty bitty lake treasures in my little pockets. That passion grew and transformed through the decades into an unending hunt for rare pieces of earth to be collected, and for those bits of natural history to be preserved and captured in my modern handmade jewelry.

I tend to create small medleys of one-of-a-kind designs featuring stones, fossils, and organic shapes. All Sara B. pieces are handcrafted in my little Midwest mess of a home studio. My passion is to make unconventional jewelry that fuses nature and modernism in clean designs with a bit of raw earthiness and asymmetry.

I use traditional metalsmithing techniques and tools to craft jewelry that is natural yet modern, embracing the inherent imperfections of the stones and fossils as well as my hand at work.